New To Cat Boarding? How To Make It Easier For Them (AND You!)

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If you haven’t boarded your cat when you’re away on a trip, you’re missing out. It’s a great way for your cat to get the right amount of attention and care, just like you never left. Things are much more likely to go wrong if you leave your cat alone while on vacation or if you only have a daily visit from a friend or family member.

If you’re a little nervous about your first time boarding your cat, here are some great tips to make sure you and your cat are comfortable and ready for their first boarding adventure.

Learn About The Facilities At The Boarding Places You’re Interested In

There’s a lot you can find out about a facility by going and checking it out. Be sure to check out several boarding places you may be looking at for your furry family member. You can simply ask for a tour.

During your tour, you can check out how well the place is cleaned by looking around and noticing any unpleasant smells. If you notice that anything is off, you can know that it is not the place for your cat to stay during your trip, instead of figuring it out later.

Additionally, you can meet the staff and find out about the people that will be taking care of your cat while you’re away. Ask about how much interaction they will get with the caretakers, and what they do for fun.

Ask about whether or not they require vaccinations, because if not, your cat could be at risk for contracting a disease. Check out how much room your cat has in the cage. Also, find out about the veterinarian that is employed by the boarding facility in case of an emergency.

Summary – There’s a lot to learn about the boarding place you’re interested in, like care and attention given by caretakers, cleanliness, vaccinations, spaciousness, and beyond, and this will help you determine which boarding place is right for your cat.


Test Out Your Boarding Place Of Choice

Once you have explored boarding places and have settled on the best one for your feline, it’s best not to wait until your vacation to get them familiar with their new home during your time away. You can easily set up a night at the boarding place to get a test run, and this will give you so much more peace of mind than risking how things will go while you’re on vacation.

After the test board, get all of the details that you can about how their stay went. Were they feeling comfortable? Did they eat and play like normal? If things didn’t go very well, you may want to consider a different boarding place, or try again at another time.

It is normal to see some stress in the cat, even at the best of places, and by testing out the facility before your trip, you’ll give them more time to adjust to the new atmosphere.

Summary – By testing out boarding your cat at your place of choice, you are getting your cat familiar with its surroundings, and you can become aware of any red flags that may prevent you from using that boarding place during your vacation.

Supply Your Cat With Its Familiar Necessities To Ease Anxiety

It’s a great idea to not only bring your cat’s familiar food but to also bring its favorite bed, blankets, toys, etc. to ease separation anxiety. This will keep your cat comfortable and calm, since pet boarding can bring separation anxiety of all shapes and sizes, due to being in an unfamiliar place.


Cat separation anxiety can show up as loud meowing, going to the bathroom outside of the litter box, excessive eating, not eating, upset stomach, and isolation. If your cat has a history of separation anxiety, it may be beneficial to provide vet-recommended supplements or anti-anxiety toys for their stay, as well.

Summary – Make sure your cat is as free from stress as possible by supplying familiar items, such as food, bed, blankets, toys, and beyond for their stay, and consider vet-recommended meds and anti-anxiety toys if your cat suffers from extreme separation anxiety.

Keep Goodbyes Short And Sweet

The last thing your cat needs is for you to act clingy and for you to get separation anxiety from them before their boarding stay. Your cat needs to feel that you are comfortable with them staying out of the house at your boarding place of choice. Otherwise, you might risk them developing more anxiety from being away, based on your emotions.

You can say a few quick words to your cat, calmly pet them and leave, or just leave without making a big deal of it. Don’t make the process more difficult than it needs to be. You don’t want your cat to start crying for you to come back. That’s not a good way to start their stay or for you to start your vacation.

Summary – It’s natural to want to give your cat extra love upon leaving them, but it’s best to keep your goodbye short and sweet to not induce any anxiety upon leaving them.


Plan For Readjustment At Home

Since cats are naturally territorial, you may see some different behavior upon arrival at home after boarding. They have to re-learn your home after being away, and it is best to not worry and let them readjust to their home again.

The process can be quick or can take weeks, so be patient. They may show different behaviors or act out, and it is all a natural part of the process.

Summary – Plan to allow your cat some time to readjust to home after being away for a while, as it is natural for these territorial animals.

Board Your Cat With Our Trusted Team

All Star Pet Resort is the ideal place to board your cat in Torrance while you’re on vacation. We’d love to show you our spacious, luxury facilities for your cat that you can get for a very affordable nightly rate, and we make sure they feel at home with us.

Contact us with any questions by calling (310) 320-8799 or make a reservation for your cat’s stay today! Like us on Facebook to stay in touch with our team and check out our great recommendations from our clients.

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