New Puppy Owner’s Guide: 5 Mistakes To Avoid As A New Puppy Parent

new puppy owner guide
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There’s nothing quite like a sweet puppy face! He’ll melt your heart until all you want to do is cuddle and play. But don’t let that little cutie persuade you to throw training out the window.

New puppy parents need to set the right foundation early on. This new puppy owner’s guide will help you lay the ground rules and still develop a lasting bond with your new pet.

So let’s dive right in! What should you do to keep from encouraging the wrong behavior in your new pet? Let’s find out.

New Puppy Owner’s Guide: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

These 5 tips will help you train your new puppy the right way. You’ll set the stage for a happy, healthy pup, a strong owner/dog relationship and advanced training in the future.

Mistake #1 – Too Much Alone Time

In the first week or so, you should plan to spend a good amount of time with your new puppy to acclimate him to his new environment. Plan to take a vacation for this transition period. If you leave him alone for too many hours, in the beginning, he may develop separation anxiety.

Mistake #2 – Avoiding Car Rides

At some point, you’ll need to take your new pup to the vet. Before that day comes, you should make sure he’s enjoyed several rides in the car. He needs to get comfortable with the sounds and scents of travel.

If the only time your puppy rides in the car is to the vet, he may associate negative feelings with it. Avoid this by giving him plenty of positive experiences!

Mistake #3 – Not Crate Training

Oh, he’s adorable, especially when he’s sleeping. A new puppy mom or dad might be tempted to snuggle him up in their bed. Taking a nap with your puppy might be ok, but when it’s bedtime he needs to go in his crate.

Make sure his crate is a happy place. Put blankets or clothing inside that you have worn so your puppy can still smell your scent. Never punish him by putting him in his crate!

Crate training helps with other training issues, too. Potty training is easier because he learns to control his bladder. He will have less anxiety because he feels secure.

Mistake #4 – Avoiding Socialization

Once your puppy has his shots, it’s time to make some friends. He needs to learn how to interact with other people and dogs. You should also introduce him to children, but make sure they know how to interact properly with your puppy.

Go slowly! Choose a neighbor and meet up at a neighborhood dog park. Try one dog first, and then slowly introduce him to more. Before you know it, he will be running in packs.

Here’s a checklist to help you hit all the important socialization skills.

Mistake #5 – Not Enough Exercise

Your puppy will be a bundle of energy! Make sure he gets plenty of exercise.

Teach him to fetch early on. He will spend hours chasing and bringing back a ball. Take him on walks to burn energy and work on socialization, too!

There’s Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

If you can avoid the mistakes listed above, your puppy will be happy, healthy and a pure joy in your home. Use the new puppy owner’s guide to help you set the best foundation for your new pet. Then, share it with a friend!

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