Main Reasons You Should Board Your Dog

Many people assume the best option when they are out of town or away is to leave their dog with a friend, rather than boarding the animal. This is often a mistake because many people are not familiar with or used to everything that comes along with taking care of an animal. There are many benefits to finding quality doggy care for the animal that should be considered when you are going out of town.

The Dog Will Get More Exercise and Be Safer

Perhaps the friend who will keep the dog does not have a fence which will limit the amount of exercise and freedom the dog has while you are away. If they do have a fenced in yard, is it secure enough for the dog to not escape? Boarding the dog does mean they will stay in dog kennels for part of the time, but they are also taken outside frequently to run, play and exercise in a safe and secure way.

The Dog Can Freely Bark as Much as He or She Wants

If the dog is a loud barker, this may be okay where you live. However, it is not necessarily okay at someone else’s house or neighborhood. To make sure your dog has the freedom he or she is used to, take the animal to be boarded. The dog will be free to bark and play without bothering anyone.

If They Tear or Chew up Something, It Will Not Be a Problem

Obviously, a pet boarding service will be prepared for a dog chewing or tearing up things during his or her stay. Everything in site will be fair game for the dog to play with, but this may not be the case at a friend’s house. The last thing you want is for the dog to ruin something at a friend’s house while you are away.

There are many benefits to boarding animals while you are away on vacation or out of town. They not only get more exercise, but they have more freedom to play, bark and do as they please. Your animal will not only be happier at a professional boarding service, but safer and more secure as well.

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