Importance Of Dog Vaccines For Pet Health

Importance Of Dog Vaccines For Pet Health

Nobody looks forward to visiting the doctor for a shot. Even a dog is apprehensive during a visit to the vet. Though not something eagerly anticipated, dog vaccines, like immunizations for people, are important to ensure pet health. Dog vaccines are usually required upon check-in, when taking the dog to the groomer or a boarding facility. Additionally, they are recommended prior to visiting a dog park, to ensure the safety of the pet. Pet vaccines take only minutes,yet can protect the dog from a multitude of illnesses and diseases, many that can be life-threatening.

When preparing for the dog for a stay at the groomer or boarding facility, the owner will need to provide proof of the dog’s proper vaccination history. Many require the vaccines be given at least 2 weeks prior to check-in. This allows the vaccine time to ensure the dog’s immunity. Most facilities recommend at least the following vaccines: rabies, bordetella, distemper and parvo for the protection of all the dogs in the facility.

Rabies, usually the vaccine is required by law and generally fatal to both animals and humans that have been exposed to the virus without proper treatment. The Bordetella vaccine prevents a highly contagious airborne upper respiratory virus in dogs called “Kennel Cough.” Distemper and Parvo are usually puppy illnesses, but are highly contagious and spread in an airborne manner. Sadly, many young dogs that contract these viral infections become very sick and do not recover. Fortunately, with a visit to the vet for vaccines, all these dangerous illnesses can be prevented.

Boarding and grooming facilities require these vaccines for the safety of all pets. The dogs are usually kept in separate indoor and outdoor dog runs, unless it is requested for dogs of the same household to board together, allowing them a less stressful visit. Though the dog may react fine while away from home, there is no doubt that it is a stressful time for them, further increasing their chances of picking up an airborne virus without vaccinations. In fact, even a quick trip to the vet, groomer or dog park can allow the dog to pick up any germ, thus making it more imperative than ever to fully vaccinate the dog to prevent any illnesses that may be lurking around the corner.

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