Grooming Schedules Ensure Pets Stay Healthy

Grooming Schedules Ensure Pets Stay Healthy

Good hygiene is a necessity for pets if they are to remain healthy. Pets will suffer without proper grooming, and living with a poorly groomed animal is not pleasant for humans either. It is easy to keep all cats and dogs clean, fresh and happy once a grooming schedule is established. This schedule should include regular visits to a professional salon as well as additional care at home.

Proper Grooming Schedule For Dogs

  • Have short haired dogs professionally groomed every eight weeks and those with long hair done once a month.
  • Splurge for a full grooming to also take care of their ears and nails.
  • Have flea treatments applied at the salon after dog grooming as an additional service. This is a good idea for pet owners that often forget to do it at home.
  • Brush long haired dogs twice a week or more. Dogs with short hair also benefit from a weekly brushing. It removes loose fur and it distributes natural oils through the coat to keep it soft and shiny.
  • Brush their teeth daily with a pet-safe toothpaste. Have the vet perform a dental cleaning once a year.
  • Clean out their ears once a week and always dry the ears thoroughly after they have gotten wet to prevent yeast growth.

Proper Grooming Schedule For Cats

  • Brush long haired cats daily, if possible. Aim for at least twice a week if the cat dislikes brushing. Short haired cats need a weekly combing. Regular combing removes dander and reduces hairballs.
  • Indoor/outdoor cats need more frequent cat grooming services than indoor cats. Consider taking indoor cats every few months to the groomer and once a month for those that spend time outside.
  • Check ears weekly for any dirt or debris. Cats will typically keep their own ears clean, so if they are not it is a possible sign of infection or mites.
  • Brushing their teeth is very beneficial, but not all cats will allow it. Have the teeth professionally cleaned twice a year if they fight doing it at home and annually if home dental cleanings are possible.

Cats and dogs may not always enjoy being groomed, but they do like how good it makes them feel. Start grooming regularly while they are babies to make them more accepting of the process as they age. Talk to the groomer to decide when a puppy or kitten should attend their salon for their first visit.

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