Fido’s Grooming Accomplished While the Family’s on Vacation

Most people would agree that pets are like extensions of their owners, and just as important as human family members. Humorous studies complete with photographic evidence have proven that pet owners can even take on the resemblance of their pets too, or is it the other way around? That’s probably not a pretty sight either, if the pet is an unkempt looking bulldog or a hairless cat. Surely, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The love and care we endow our pets with goes beyond the surface of mere appearances alone, but still has some relevance to the social standing in society. The selection and care we entrust our furry children with is comparable, to the research and care we extend in selecting a babysitter or pediatrician for our human children.

When we get out into the world and do a little traveling, we often bring Fido along for the excursion. It’s less likely that we’ll bring Felix the feline, but many have trained their cats and taken them along on their travels locally or abroad as well, just as they’ve done with their canine companions.

Every pet owner shares similar concerns of leaving their beloved family pets behind on an extended excursion, or even for shorter trips for that matter. Neither are the immediate first choice, but knowing there is a standard of care that is comparable to the standards a pet owner would give his own pets, puts many fears and concerns at rest. This frees up the family, furry and human, to enjoy their time away from home.

Allstar Pet Resort in Torrance, California provides trusted boarding, as well as dog grooming and cat grooming. Its a one-stop shop for your pets. Their rates are competitive and the convenience of boarding your pet and dropping off a dirty, stinky Scruffy, to return later to a coiffed and polished specimen of a dog, is well worth the time away. Their facility follows a strict code of cleanliness and sanitization too. Your pet will look forward to his visits at his “home away from home”. Meanwhile, perhaps a change of hair styling for you, or a new look would put an end to being compared to the looks of your pet; that is unless its acceptable to have an uncanny resemblance to the family bulldog or hairless cat.

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