Feel Secure About Leaving Your Furry Friend At The Best Boarding Location

Feel Secure About Leaving Your Furry Friend At The Best Boarding Location

Leaving a dog or cat in a boarding location can leave an owner feeling very concerned about their safety and happiness. Boarding a pet for a day, week or several weeks does not have to be a frightening experience. Although dog kennels provide the privacy space a dog needs, a boarding facility should give the dog the ability to run freely between their kennel and the outdoor. A dog will be much happier when they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine during their time in a facility. A dog should feel at home and have the adequate space they will need based off of their size. If an owner has several dogs that prefer to stay together, they can choose a larger kennel area for them.

Cleanliness of a kennel is very important for the animals. Kennels should be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis to reduce the chance of a pet contracting a disease or parasite from another animal. The sleeping area should be cozy and provide plenty of blankets and comfort. A boarding kennel should be licensed, insured and regularly inspected. Discounts should be available when boarding more than one dog in the same kennel. All of the animals should be supervised by staff members. If someone prefers that their dog get walked on a leash or have individual play yard time, it should be available.

Dogs aren’t the only pet that can be boarded. A quality facility will have cat boarding services¬†available as well. Space for a cat is just as important as a dog. Cat boarding should include a spacious area that’s away from the dog kennels. A cat condo should provide a comfortable and stress-free environment. The kitty litter should be cleaned and refreshed daily. Fresh food and water should be provided on a daily basis. The area should be warm and provide 24-hour caretaker supervision. Animals that are boarded should be up-to-date on their vaccinations before being admitted to the facility.

An outstanding boarding facility will inspect all pets for parasites during their check-in process. They will administer oral medications without a charge. They will treat all of the pets like one of the family during their stay.

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