Everything You Need To Know About Pet Carriers

pet carriers
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Whether taking your pet to a checkup at the vet, a bath at the groomers, or for a stay at a pet boarding facility, you’ll want to invest in a reliable pet carrier. Pet carriers are small, portable boxes, crates, or cages that are used to transport small animals safely from one location to another. Pet carriers are ideal for dogs and cats as well as miniature pigs, guinea pigs, birds, chickens, and rabbits.

Pet carriers are especially useful for transporting your furry friend to pet boarding centers. If you currently or will someday in the future send your dog or cat to daycare facilities, it would be a perfect fit to purchase the right pet carrier for your transportion needs. To easily move your pet from your house to the pet boarding location, a pet carrier would make the transition simple.

When shopping for the perfect pet carrier, be aware that there are two main types. The first main type are front openers, which generally are durable plastic boxes with a metal door such as dog crates. The second main type are top openers, which generally are more like cages with a hinged roof. This type of carrier usually has a handle on top.

Some carriers are easier to carry in one’s arm rather than using the handle. Feel free to pick the carrying option that works best for you. Now, before you make up your mind about which pet carrier is right for you and your pet, let’s review some popular styles. Understand that there are different types and styles of pet carriers on the market and you’ll want to consider the form of transportation you will need the carrier for, your pet’s species or breed along with your furry friend’s weight and size.

Knowing all of these factors will guide you in making a smart purchase decision.

pet carriers

Airline Pet Carriers

When you have to travel by airplane to get to an out-of-state business meeting or to visit a relative for the holidays, you’ll need to know your specific airline’s rules and regulations when it comes to traveling with a pet. Every commercial airline enforces their own specifications and requirements to make sure that your pet and the other passengers onboard travel safely and comfortably to your final destination.

If you travel quite a bit, you’ve probably noticed that some airlines now allow their passengers to bring their pet onboard. The pet must sit in an airline-approved pet carrier with a waterproof bottom and remain underneath the seat in front of the pet owner. The carrier must be big enough for the pet to turn around, stand up, and lie down. The pet carrier must also be ventilated on at least three sides. Usually only small dogs and cats are allowed inside the cabin.

Other pets that are larger in size have to be placed in the cargo hold in dog crates. Theses crates or kennels must have a metal door that is durable enough to prevent the pet from being physically able to bend the carrier in any way. Additionally, the name of the pet’s owner and address must be visible on the crate or kennel along with a “Live Animal This Side Up” notice.

Summary: Airline pet carriers must meet your airline’s specific rules and regulations in order to travel with you to your final destination. You may be allowed to place your pet in the seat in front of you or you may have to have your pet placed with the cargo below the airplane.

Backpack & Purse Pet Carriers

If you like to take your small pets on walks, hikes, shopping trips, road trips, or appointments, consider buying a backpack pet carrier. These carriers are a convenient solution that feature a ventilated, comfortable compartment for your small furry friend weighing no more than 10 lbs. You can have fun when shopping for a backpack pet carrier as they are available in different sizes, colors, materials, and designs.

In fact, some have extra pockets that are great for giving you extra storage space. Backpack carriers are equipped with zippers to allow for easy use and some even come with wheels, which makes it possible to convert them into a roll-along carrier. Similar to backpack carriers are purse carries, which are designed for pets 12 lbs. or less.

Purse carriers have a reinforced floor to ensure the safety of the pet and are equipped with ventilation holes and a roll-down mesh window.

Summary: Backpack pet carriers are a great solution for your small pet needs. They come in many styles and provide your dog or cat with a comfortable and ventilated living space during times of travel around the neighborhood or trips in the car. Purse carriers also come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors that provide your pet with a comfortable ride in a stylish bag carrier.

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Pet Car Seat Carriers

Just like we install car seats for our human babies, we can use car seat carriers for our fur babies. These carriers fit in your vehicle and can accommodate smaller to larger pets up to 25lbs. Your pet will safely travel down the road with you in a car seat made of fleece and filled with foam for added comfort.

For larger pets, sturdy crates are used. Unlike cages, these crates have a safety net, which keeps your pet’s travel experience stress free. The car seat carriers also come with an open gate to help the pet owner communicate with the pet during the car ride.

Summary: Pets can safely travel in cars. Small pets who weigh up to 25 lbs. can travel in a car set carrier while large pets can travel in a crate with an open gate, which allows for clear communication between the pet and its owner.

Contact The Pet Resort Near You

Once you’ve found your pet carrier, it’s now time to take your dog or cat to a full-service pet boarding and grooming facility. If you’re located in the Torrance, California area, the friendly staff at All Star Pet Resort would love to take care of your dog or cat. All Star Pet Resort is truly a home away from home for your pet.

Staffed with a team of caring animal lovers, your pet will be treated as a guest in this loving dog and cat hotel during the daytime while you’re busy. Reach out by phone at (310) 320-8799 or book an online reservation.

951 W. 223rd Street

Torrance, California 90502

Phone: (310) 320-8799

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