Eliminating Fleas From A Pet And A Home

Eliminating Fleas From A Pet And A Home

When someone notices their dog or cat has been scratching or biting at their fur, there is a chance they are suffering from a flea problem. Fleas can cause health risks to a pet in the form of allergies or red welts upon the skin. Eliminating fleas effectively is very important for the health and happiness of the animal. Here are some steps one can take should they discover small crawling parasites within their dog or cat’s fur.

Treat The Pet First

It is important that all fleas are eliminated from the best in a way that they will not cause a re-infestation should fleas be present within the home. This is usually done with a topical treatment. It is applied directly to the pet’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades. This will help keep the pet from licking at the medication. These treatments can be obtained from a groomer or a veterinarian. They usually work for about a month in providing protection against fleas.

Treat The Home Next

The home will need to be treated so fleas do not continue their life cycle. This could cause a pet to become infested again in the future if their medication wears off. Make sure to vacuum all carpets every day or two to remove fleas from the material. A flea powder should be added to the collection canister or bag to help kill any captured fleas. All bedding will need to be laundered in hot water to kill any eggs present within the fibers.

Keep Fleas From Returning

Regular cleaning sessions should be continued so fleas do not have a chance to re-emerge. It is a good idea to keep up with cat or dog grooming along with limiting the exposure the pet has outdoors. The pet owner can do dog or cat grooming can be done with a comb to remove any fleas that do happen to jump onto a pet’s coat. Keeping the lawn cut at a short length in addition to using bug killing agents can be helpful in battling a return of fleas into the home as well.

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