Doggy Day Care: 5 Signs You Can Trust Yours

When you go on vacation or work long hours, it might be difficult to leave your dog in the hands of strangers. Afterall, not every doggy day care facilities are created equal.

If you want to make sure you’re leaving your dog in the best of hands, there are some signs to pay attention to.

Follow these to make sure you leave your best friend with people you can trust.

1. The Doggy Day Care Lets You Take a Tour

A great sign you can trust your doggy day care is transparency. They will be happy to give you a tour of their facilities.

Not only should you be able to see the space where your dog will be spending so much time, but you also want to ask questions throughout the tour.

A trustworthy staff will answer all of your concerns to be able to assure you the dog will be in the care of the best staff.

2. Happy and Knowledgeable Employees

If you walk in and see unhappy employees, that is a red flag. It might be a sign of a bigger issue within the day care such as poor management.

Look for employees who seem excited to be there and do it because they love dogs. Afterall, your dog is very important to you and the people taking care of your dog should know it too.

Make sure the employees are also knowledgeable in dog care and dog behavior.

3. They Provide Exercise and Other Activities

It’s a known fact dogs need mental stimulation and social interaction to keep themselves happy and entertained. A bored dog could misbehave.

Make sure the facility has an exercise, activities, or training routines to keep them entertained and in their best behavior.

Also, make sure the activities match up with your dog’s level of socialization. You don’t want a shy dog in a room full of running dogs.

4. Clean Facilities

If from the moment you walk in the facilities don’t seem clean, you need to run.

A competent dog day care facility will have minimal smells from the moment you walk in the door.

Take a look at the water bowls, does the water look fresh. Inspect the floors for signs of feces or urine.

If you have any concerns about the smell or cleanliness make sure you address it to the staff.

5. Emergency Services

How is your dog day care prepared to handle an emergency? Sometimes even under the safest of situations emergencies happen.

A trustworthy day care will be able to provide you with a detailed plan of what steps they will follow if there’s ever an emergency.

Ask them if there’s a veterinarian on site or nearby. How will they notify you of an emergency, and what steps they take to prevent one in the first place?

Find the Best Doggy Day Care

When you find the right dog day care, everything will be transparent and all of your questions will get answered.

At All Star Pet Resort, we know how important your dog is to you, which is why we offer top quality dog care and hotelling.

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