Dog Kennels: What You Can Expect

Dog Kennels: What You Can Expect

Did you know Americans spend over five billion dollars on pet services such as boarding? Dogs must be boarded when people travel and can’t take their furry friends with them.

Even with reputable kennels, both owner and dog can experience stress over the situation.

Are you planning a trip and searching for a place to board your dog. Overwhelmed by the amount of information? Don’t worry. Keep reading to find out exactly what to expect with dog kennels.

Preparation is Helpful

Regardless of the specific business you choose, most dog kennels have similar things you can prepare ahead of time. For example, expect peak travel times to be busy. This means make reservations early.

Summer time and big holidays are the busiest times so be sure to call as far in advance as possible.

Be sure your dog current has all required vaccinations. Pack your dog’s preferred food and bring it in plastic containers labeled with their name. This helps staff keep track of all the dogs’ food!

Consider packing some of your dog’s favorite toys as well. This will help them adjust quicker to being away from home.

If you are worried about how your dog may handle being away from you, start prepping for separation anxiety before your trip. Get your dog used to his cage and consider visiting the facility with your dog. This will help ease his anxiety.

Some Things to Expect with Dog Kennels


Kennels will make use of lots of play time, so expect your dog to be interacting with a bunch of other dogs. High-quality kennels will have four to five play times during the day. This is because exercise will keep your dog healthy and engaged.

Staff will monitor playtime to ensure any dogs that are too aggressive are kept apart from smaller dogs.


Dog kennels will also typically bathe your dog upon arrival and right before you pick them up. This is to ensure the kennel remains clean and pest free for all visiting dogs.

In the Event of an Emergency

Please know that you will be contacted if an issue arises, but understand we will call your veterinarian first. They will be best able to help with any need that arises.

Picking up Your Dog

When you return to pick up your dog, expect to settle the bill before staff brings out your dog. This is mostly because writing a check or handling money with an excited dog is very difficult. And they will be VERY excited to see you.

Consider going easy on food and water the first day back at home. This will help decrease any chance of their excitement leading to an upset stomach.

Be patient with any training you are doing. Your dog may have adjusted to the kennel schedule and will need some time getting used to your schedule again.

Final Notes

Now that you know what to expect from dog kennels, it’s time to book your getaway and relax. Reach out to make a reservation today!

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