A Dog and Cat’s Boarding and Grooming Dream

Pets love owners that make reservations where they can be themselves, spend the night, get a bath, hair cut, toenails clipped and come back home feeling like a new dog or cat. This all starts by knowing a well recommended pet boarding business that cares about the animals that spend time with them. Animals know when they’re liked and feel the aura of the person taking care of them for the day or week they’re there.

There’s a lot of responsibility when it comes to boarding and grooming animals. Some are large, some are small and some have a stronger temperament than others. Cats are the same, but they’re many times smaller than a dog.

Notice on the website that prices are listed for each of their pet grooming services. By the time this company is finished grooming a pet, the family won’t recognize it. They even put cotton balls in the pet’s ears when they’re getting a soothing bath in warm water with a nice natural shampoo and conditioner.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or cat, they all get the same wonderful treatment. All pet owners must submit documents, given to them by a veterinarian, stating pets have been vaccinated, whether cat or dog. This protects every pet that walks in the door. Since pets may interact with one another, they need those special shots, especially parvo and the rabies shot.

Contact All Star Pet Resort today and book a time when pets will need to be boarded or groomed. Don’t put off booking a boarding time well ahead of schedule. When a family is leaving town to visit parents over the Christmas holidays, they certainly don’t want to wait till December to find a safe haven for their beloved animals. In the end, they’ll be staying home and the parents will be devastated.

Every animal that’s going to be boarded should also be groomed. They will enjoy going to sleep in a nice warm bed when they’re clean, fed and cared for by professionals. Bringing a pet’s favorite toys and their own unique pet snacks will also make their stay more enjoyable, especially if they’ve never been away from their owner.

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