Dog Boarding Kennels: Everything You Need To Know

Dog Boarding Kennels: Everything You Need To Know

Sometimes, you just need to leave on a trip and it’s just not possible or convenient to take your furry friend along. If no family member or friend is available to take care of your pet, pet kennels are the other best option. There are many available options when it comes to boarding facilities but the services offered there vary greatly so ensure you know what’s best for your pet. The tips below will help you get the best facility and ensure your pet will be well taken care of.

Ask for referrals

If you have friends or neighbors who are pet owners, ask them about any experiences they have with boarding facilities and ask the names of the ones they liked best. Research on those facilities to see how well you like them before you decide on the best one.

Check those facilities out

Once you have a list of a few dog kennels you like, visit each one personally to see things up close. Some of the things you should inquire about is if they have a vet on call at all times and if there is always someone on the premises during all hours. Ensure you meet the staff that will be in charge of your pet and gauge how friendly they are, how knowledgeable they are and how caring they are about pets.

You should especially seek out those members who will be in charge of your pet. Check how clean the facility is, the size of their enclosures, how secure the premise is and how warm or cool it is as well depending on the season.

Make sure you read the rules

Most boarding facilities normally insist that your pet be up to date with the inoculations. Take a copy of their health records while you tour the facilities and have the dog vaccinated for a kennel cough at least one week before you drop them off.

For the cat

Most cats, including those that live with dogs, do not appreciate the hustle and bustle of dogs’ constant barking. For your pet cat to enjoy come time away from you, ensure that the facility offers a separate soundproof area for cats away from the dogs. Check how clean the litter pans are and that they don’t have a urine scent when you walk in. You can also ask if the facility has some cat room where the cat can walk and stretch a few times each day.

Get a copy of the daily agenda

Ask the dog kennel owner to provide you with a copy of the agenda of how your pets’ day will be like. Check how often they will be fed, how many hours they will be allowed to play or be free, whether socialization is supervised, whether they have a trainer and if possible if they have webcams where you can watch your pet while you are away.

Do dry run

If you will be leaving your pet for longer than a week, you could leave them at the facility for a weekend well before your trip. If while you pick them up they are happy and okay, it will be fine to leave them for longer. However, if they come home tired and upset, it would be best to consider a different facility.

Book early

A great boarding facility will be fully booked especially during the holidays so ensure that you book early. Leave the facility your vet’s number and a way for them to reach you or another responsible person should there be an emergency. Do not forget to leave your pets’ identification tag or even get them a microchip just in case they get lost while you are away.

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