Why Boarding Your Dog is Better than Hiring a Pet Sitter

Why Boarding Your Dog is Better than Hiring a Pet Sitter

While pets are an important part of our everyday life, sometimes it just isn’t practical to take them along. Whether you are traveling on an extended business trip or taking a relaxing cruise with your spouse, toting your dog or cat along probably isn’t too feasible. On these occasions, you want to provide your pet with the best care possible while you are away.

Many owners make the mistake of thinking their pet will be happier at home. Although this allows them to remain in a familiar environment, they can easily become lonely or worried by your
absence. This is especially true if the pet sitter only checks in frequently to feed or let your dog outdoors.

Some animals can easily develop anxiety. This may lead to undesirable, destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture or other household belongings. Returning home from a long trip to find your home in disarray is rarely considered a warm welcome. A pet boarding service can eliminate this unpleasant situation and provide your dog or cat with a clean, comfortable and friendly place to stay.

Exercise and Enrichment Activities Keep Dogs Happy

Most boarding facilities have scheduled outdoor playtime for dogs. This allows your pet to get plenty of daily exercise and fresh air. A little outdoor activity is ideal for boosting a dog’s mood and calming their nerves. Some businesses may even feature dog runs that let your pet move freely from indoors to outside. Dog runs are also a smart way to provide exercise space while keeping your pet secure from other animals.

Personal Items Provide Comfort

There are several ways you can help your pet adjust quickly to new surroundings. While the majority of boarding kennels will provide toys and blankets, bringing some of your pets personal belongings can help make the transition much easier. This can be anything from a favorite toy to a cozy blanket that provides all the comforts of home.

If you’re looking for a quality boarding service, selecting a facility that is cleaned on a daily basis is a wise choice. This will help control germs and keep your pet healthy. Although there are numerous kennels in Torrance to choose from, individualized care is a must. A boarding service that offers supervised playtime and walks will keep your dog enriched and engaged until your return. For premium care, Visit All Star Pet Resort in Torrance today and tour our boarding facility.

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