3 Things You Must Do Before Boarding Your Pet In a Dog Hotel

Dog hotel
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We’re all aware that vacations provide a wonderful break from the daily grind, but did you know that the benefits of going on holiday have been backed by science? There’s only one downside to getting away from it all — and that’s leaving your beloved pet behind. Even if it’s just a few days away, you will not only miss your furry friend, you will also worry about their well-being.

Why not ensure peace of mind — for both of you — by choosing the very best dog hotel you can? Here are some steps to take before you say bon voyage.

First, Do Your Homework

Would you stay in a hotel without checking its credentials online? Of course not! Only the very best boarding facilities will do for your dog, so ask your fellow animal lovers or veterinarian for recommendations. Read online reviews, and narrow down your search to a few possibilities.

Once you find a promising dog hotel, make an appointment to take a tour and talk with the staff. They should be happy to show you around, answer your questions, and put you at ease.

A few things to keep in mind as you evaluate the facility:

  • Is it staffed 24/7? Knowing that someone will be on hand at all times, just in case an emergency occurs, can make the decision to board easier.
  • What’s the staff to animal ratio? It ought to be no higher than 1:10. The more staff, the more attention your pet will receive.
  • Is playtime included in the cost of boarding? If so, do the guests come into contact with other animals, or do they have their own run or play area?
  • What type of food do the canine guests receive?

Next, It’s Time To Pack!

Boarding facilities will ask to see proof of vaccinations, so if your dog isn’t up-to-date on their shots, you’ll need to get that taken care of before you depart.

Most dog hotels will provide food and bedding. If your canine companion has allergies or digestive issues, ask about the possibility of providing your own food. Similarly, if your dog requires medication, make sure to discuss this with the kennel’s staff.

It’s also not unusual for pet owners to bring along their dog’s bed or favorite blanket. Even better, bring an old sweatshirt or t-shirt that you’ve worn; your familiar scent can be comforting.

Don’t forget to pack your dog’s favorite toy — but clearly label it with their name and yours so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

If you’ve done your due diligence, you should feel comfortable leaving your pup in good hands. Of course, it’s not easy to leave them, even for a short time.

To make things easier on both of you, stay upbeat when you drop off your dog. Making a production out of parting ways will only upset her unnecessarily. A swift, cheerful goodbye is best.

Lastly, try not to worry — chances are your dog will have just as much fun as you will during the vacation!

A Dog Hotel You Can Trust

Looking for a dog hotel that fits all of your requirements? Come take a tour of All Star Pet Resort, no appointment needed. We’d love to be your pet’s home away from home!

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