3 Benefits Of Taking Your Pooch To Doggy Day Boarding

Dog day boarding, also known as dog daycare or doggy daycare, refers to a short-term daytime care service for dogs. Think of it as similar to daycare for children but for your fur baby instead of your human baby. Just as parents who work and have a busy schedule, pet owners also may have times when they need someone to watch over their dog while they are away. There are often times when it may not be feasible to leave your dog home alone for an extended period of time. You may begin to worry about what your pooch is doing while you’re away from the house for hours at a time. You may find yourself feeling guilty about leaving your beloved pet home alone all day and know that your pet may be experiencing symptoms of separation anxiety, wondering where you are and when you will be coming back home. When these moments arise due to work commitments, unexpected trips, or daily tasks that require you to be out of the house for the majority of the day, consider bringing your pet to a dog daycare facility.

Across the country, there is an expanding number of daycare centers specializing in the care for puppies and dogs. The industry is booming to meet a growing demand for services that cater to pets whose owners are balancing longer commutes and workdays. For many owners, dog day boarding facilities fill a need that allows people to keep their pets that would otherwise not be able to given their daily obligations that require them to be away from home.

There are many benefits to using a dog daycare service. Let’s carefully explore three popular benefits of taking your pooch to doggy day boarding facilities. Reviewing these benefits will help persuade you into finding a local dog day boarding center that fits your dog’s needs and helps you make the most of your day apart.

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1. Cure For Loneliness & Separation Anxiety

Have you ever noticed your dog gets sad and anxious when left alone? This may be because some dogs experience separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a condition in which a dog exhibits distress and behavior problems when left alone. In fact, one of the most common complaints of pet owners is that their dogs are disruptive or destructive when left by themselves for too long. This bad behavior manifests itself in the form of urination, defecation, barking, howling, chewing, digging, or trying to escape, which are all symptoms of distress. Separation anxiety is triggered when a dog becomes upset when the pet owner leaves.

In dog day boarding facilities, your dog will not be left alone and therefore should not be showing signals of distress. Your dog will receive attention from the professionally trained staff who will look after your pet while you are away. Pet owners can find peace in knowing that their dog is finding happiness from not being left home alone and are receiving individualized attention.

2. Outlet For Energy

Instead of being cooped up inside all day, your dog will have an outlet for that bundled up energy. When you come home after work, you’ve probably encountered a restless pet that wants to play and jump around. By spending the day at a doggie daycare equipped with outdoor runs and play yards, your dog will be able to exercise while you’re away and expend that extra energy. Furthermore, your dog will get plenty of attention in dog day boarding. This means that in place of coming home to a dog that has been destructive in your absence, chewing on items around your house, you’ll arrive to find a happy and healthy pet.

3. Bathroom Breaks

As a pet owner, you’ve worked hard to train your pet to know when and where to take a bathroom break. Together, you’ve developed a routine and you don’t want to come home to find an accident in the middle of your living room floor. While you are away from home, it is often inconvenient to find a moment when you can rush back to let out your dog. Throughout the day, your dog will need the occasional bathroom break. Will your dog be able to hold it until you return? At a doggie daycare, that is no longer a concern, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. Your dog will be comfortable throughout the day while having time to break for food and drink, too. In fact, many facilities provide dog food for your furry friend and allow for you to bring in your own food to meet your pet’s dietary needs. Having one less mess to clean up will make everyone happy.

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Choosing The Right Dog Day Boarding Facility For Your Pet

Be aware that there are a variety of dog day boarding services to choose from and finding the best one for your pet is critical to ensuring a positive experience. Above all, it’s important to choose the dog day boarding provider you can trust. You want to be worry free while you are away from your dog, knowing that your pet is being cared for by people who will love your pet just as much as you do. You also want to find a place where you know your dog can have fun!

If this sounds like what you are looking for in a dog daycare, consider bringing your pet to All Star Pet Resort. Located in Torrance, California, your dog will be cared for while having a fun time playing in the individual outdoor run or outdoor private play yard, sniffing some fresh air and taking in the scenery. You can rest assured knowing that your pet will be able to run around in a safe and secure environment. All Star’s safe and caring atmosphere makes them one of the most trusted dog day boarding facilities in the Torrance area. Given the set-up of the facility, there is plenty of space for your dog to enjoy lots of room to stretch and move around. Your dog will also be treated to more than enough time throughout their stay to rest, which will help them be at their best when you pick them up at the end of the day.

All Star Pet Resort is truly a home away from home for your pet. Staffed with a team of caring canine lovers, your pet will be treated as a guest in this loving dog hotel. In addition to plenty of time for rest and exercise, you can request that your furry friend is fed before you pick them up. The team will make sure that your pet is served their favorite meal. If your plans take you away for the night, the All Star Pet Resort offers an affordable nightly rate, providing a clean, sanitized, and spacious kennel for your dog to stay in complete with a cozy sleeping area with fleece-style bedding and blankets. When it’s time for bed, your dog will be kept safely inside where experienced caretakers will look after your pet.

Feel free to come in and take a tour of the All Star Pet Resort or give us a quick call at (310) 320-8799. Contact us for an appointment, you and your precious pooch will be glad you did!

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