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Pet Boarding

Situations That Call for Boarding Pets

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Having access to the right pet boarding option is something every owner should explore. Since there will be times when it’s necessary to leave town for a few days, the right type of boarding facility will ensure the pet receives all the attention needed. Here are some examples of when being able to arrange for […]

What To Expect When Boarding Your Dog At A Kennel

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One of the hardest parts of being a dog owner is making arrangements for the care of your dog while you’re out of town. As much as you love your pet, it’s just not always feasible to travel with your dog. This is especially true when you’re visiting someone else’s home. Since pets need not […]

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The Search For Excellent Pet Boarding Options

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Taking a vacation can be stressful for pet owners because they want to make sure that their pets get excellent care while they are away. It is important to choose an experienced boarding provider that offers exceptional care for both cats and dogs. They should offer a fresh and natural environment, where the animals can […]

National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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November is National Adopt a Senior pet month and All Star Pet Resort in Torrance, CA wants to share some information with your friends and customers regarding the benefits of adopting and older dog. Many people walk into a Los Angeles Animal shelter or scour a rescue’s local Los Angeles pet website hoping to adopt […]

Pet Diabetes Month, is your pet at risk?

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During Pet Diabetes Month, All Star Pet Resort in Torrance provides boarding and grooming for many families and pets that suffer from pet diabetes. November s Pet diabetes month. We wanted to share with you some useful information regarding the detection of and care for a pet with diabetes. It’s Pet Diabetes Month, is my […]

Today is Dogs in Politics Day!

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NATIONAL CHECKERS DAY AND DOGS IN POLITICS DAY Annually celebrated on September 23, it is National Checkers Day which is also known as Dogs in Politics Day. On September 23, 1952, Vice President candidate, Richard Nixon, gave a speech that was call the “Checkers Speech”. He had been accused of improprieties relating to a fund […]

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It’s National Dog Week.

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There seems to be a general absence of ticker-tape parades during this year’s National Dog Week, as well as a good bit of misinformation floating around the great big online dog park we call the dogosphere. Sniffing around, we found different sources claiming different dates for celebrating the week, and many references to the celebration’s […]

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National Pet Memorial Day September 14th, 2014

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All Star Pet Resort want to express our love and sympathy  one this Pet Memorial Day. We offer a few ways to remember your pet: Spend a few minutes reflecting upon pleasant memories of your pet Contribute to an animal protection group Volunteer at an animal protection group Create a small memorial in a flower […]