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How to license your dog in Redondo Beach.

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Are you a Redondo Beach resident? This link and these simple direction could help you get and keep your dog registered. All Star Pet Resort is Located in Torrance, CA at 951 w 223rd St. Conveniently located just west of the 110 freeway at 223rd. Offering both pet boarding and grooming All Star Pet Resort […]

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Keeping your pets cool this summer can be a breeze!

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With record temperatures around the country, it is important to keep your dogs in mind when it comes to keeping cool. All Star pet Resort is committed to providing expert quality care to your pets in a climate controlled environment all summer long. Book your pets next stay with us by clicking here. Here are […]

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Learn Basic Obedience Commands

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We all know that some basic obedience training makes dogs more fun to be around. What many of us don’t know is that it has other, less obvious, benefits. Obedience training helps your dog see you as her leader, and it also gives her a mental workout–something that many canines need just as much as […]

Hot Spots on Dogs! Just What Are These, Anyway?

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Hot Spots are one of those less then desirable skin irritations seen in pets. Often, you’ll here your vet refer to them as moist eczema, but you … well, you can call them hot spots. They occur when your dog itches, scratches or licks him or herself excessively, eventually forming a wet scab on the […]

How to Alleviate You Pets Arthritic Pain.

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How to Alleviate You Pets Arthritic Pain ? What is Arthritis? First, what is arthritis? The most common type, for both humans and animals, is the type that is related to age, or wear and tear. Called osteoarthritis, damage begins in the cartilage of the joint. Cartilage is a firm but flexible connective tissue that […]