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National Pet Memorial Day September 14th, 2014

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All Star Pet Resort want to express our love and sympathy  one this Pet Memorial Day. We offer a few ways to remember your pet: Spend a few minutes reflecting upon pleasant memories of your pet Contribute to an animal protection group Volunteer at an animal protection group Create a small memorial in a flower […]

Happy Cat Month!!!

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September is Happy Cat Month. The Catalyst Council,a national initiative comprised of animal health and welfare organizations working on behalf of cats, offers many tips on how to make cats happy.  Check the out at

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Dog Leash Training

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So how do you stop it? Stop rewarding the behavior. Whether it’s a new puppy or an older dog, never let your dog or pup get anywhere she’s pulling. You’re walking her, not the other way around. Causesulling on the leash is a common problem, hence the old “Who’s walking who?” joke. And many of […]

Teaching your dog the COME Command

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The “come” command–also known as the recall–is one of the most important skills to teach your dog. Not only will a solid recall help you avoid those embarrassing games of catch-me-if-you-can when you’re trying to leave the dog park, but it will help keep your dog safe off-leash.   How to teach “come” Start by […]

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Teaching your dog the STAY Command

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The simple act of holding still is a huge challenge for some dogs, especially wriggly young pups. To teach a rock-solid stay, start small and make it easy for your dog to get it right. For an energetic young puppy, that may mean half-second stays. That’s fine–from half a second you can build to one […]

Teaching your dog the DOWN command

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After your dog has learned the “sit” command, it’s time to teach “down.” Start in a familiar place, like your house or yard, where there aren’t any tempting distractions.   How to teach “down”: The food lure method The easiest way to teach “down” is to use a tasty food treat or piece of kibble, […]

Teaching Your Dog to Sit

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“Sit” is one of the simplest commands, but it’s incredibly useful–after all, your dog can’t jump all over a guest, dash into traffic, or do any number of things you don’t want her to do when she’s sitting.   How to teach “sit”: The food lure method from a standing position This method uses a […]

6 ways that a pet can improve your health!

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“We all love leaving our pets at All star Pet Resort when we leave town because we know that when we come back they will be happy and well adjusted when we pick them up, and that makes us feel good about leaving them with Melinda and the staff.” – The Fry family, Carson, CA […]


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