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dry skin in cats

How to Treat Dry Skin in Cats

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Have you noticed dry, flaking skin on your cat? Dry skin in cats is a sign that something is not going right. It can be a great source of irritation for your beloved pet, adding stress to their daily lives. If your cat is suffering from dry skin, first you need to identify the cause. […]

How to stop your dog from shedding

How to Stop Your Dog from Shedding

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You love your dog, but you probably don’t love the way he sheds his coat all over your home. Shedding is one of those things you put up with because you love your furry pal, but does it have to be? Especially if you or someone in your home has allergies, shedding can be a […]

Dog Socialization

5 Tips For Proper Dog Socialization

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What is dog socialization? It’s actually pretty simple – it’s a way of making sure your canine companion is… well, companionable. Dog socialization is an important method of shaping your pet’s personality, demeanor, and temperament so that they’ll respond positively to different scenarios. They are pack animals, after all. And it’s proven that they live […]

pet groomer

5 Questions to Ask Your Pet Groomer

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Americans will spend $5.4 billion on pet boarding and grooming services this year. There’s no denying that we’re willing to spend a pretty penny on our beloved pets. But many pet owners still struggle to find a groomer that meets their expectations of fantastic pet care. You may spend hours doing tireless research to find […]

Dog training

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training: Putting the Basics in Place

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The star of Crufts 2017, the top canine show in the UK (perhaps in the world), was not a pampered show dog. Olly, a Jack Russel rescue dog, charmed the crowd as he enthusiastically crashed through obstacles in the agility test. Olly’s nosedive stole the show, but his start in life was not so great. Blue […]

Adopt Animals

5 Reasons to Adopt Your Next Pet from an Animal Rescue Center

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Thinking of adding a new furry friend to your family? Before you decide to buy a pet, be sure to consider adopting from a local animal rescue center. By adopting instead of shopping, you’ll avoid supporting an unethical breeding industry. You’ll also give an abandoned pet a second chance at life and save money on […]

Dog Training Products

5 Essential Dog Training Products You Need to Buy

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Training your Fido can save you money and the life of your furniture. Training your dog doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. Finding effective, fun products for your pet can be a rewarding experience for both you and your dog. Many people love to splurge on their pets, but if you are on a […]

Dog Health Issues

5 Common Dog Health Issues to Watch out For

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Are you one of the 78 million dog owners in America? Dogs are man’s best friend, but as human dog owners, we need to learn more about the signs of potentially harmful health problems. If you happen to own a happy pup yourself, please read on to discover the top dog health issues that could […]