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Four Tips for Easing a Dog Into a New Kennel- and Maybe the Owner Too

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Pet Boarding

Dog owners are often very reserved about bringing their dog to a kennel. They are concerned about potential anxiety and socialization, among the classic idea of just being apart for too long. There are ways for a dog owner to be more satisfied with the idea, but how about dogs? Is there a way to ease them into a kennel so they get the most out of the experience. Below are four strategies for doing exactly this.

  • Keep Things Subdued the Day before: Excitement will only get a dog wound up, and that is best left avoided the day or two before the stay. This includes packing for the trip, loud noises, guests, etc. Try to keep things as subdued as possible. This includes stress levels. Dogs will pick up on it, and it will raise their anxieties.
  • Don’t Make Any Drastic Changes: Do not make any big changes to the dog’s diet, sleep schedule, and other things of daily life. The dog should get into the kennel as stable as possible. Sure, the stay may only be for a few days. Yet, dogs can ease into the pet boarding by living a consistent day before.
  • Pet Board for a Few Hours: It is said that dogs have no concept of time, which is a dire thought if true. But, it could make sense to leave a dog for a few hours at a kennel. This one isn’t so much for the dog, though they will get comfortable with it quickly upon a revisit (and longer trip). This strategy helps for the owner, who is eased into the kennel by a single day stay that went wonderfully well.
  • Socialization: What is the root of the anxiety? It’s easy to answer for a dog owner. It may be the socialization, or lack thereof, of their pet. A socialization training course serves a few purposes. First, it displays the dog kennel clearly, and allows everyone to get familiar with it. It also socializing teaches the dog to help the kennel stay go as wonderful as possible. Who knows- maybe they will learn something.

Call All Star Pet Resort to take a tour of their facilities. Owners (and dogs) alike can become more comfortable with a stay away from home. It may even become a second home for them.

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